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General Information on Data Protection


Version: 01.10.2017 Data protection and data security are highly important to Twindale Enterprises Ltd., 22 Kalipsous Street, 3rd Floor, Flat/Office 6 , 2014 Nicosia, Cyprus (hereinafter referred to as ”Twindale”).  Your confidence regarding the treatment of personal data is of extreme importance to Twindale. Therefore your personal data are collected and used only in accordance with the legal provisions.

  1. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

1.1 The personal data are individual information, by which conclusions may be established regarding the identity or material circumstances of one person. They include for example, the correct name, address, telephone/fax number as well as the e-mail address. Shall not fall under the incidence of this point the information whose content does not provide direct information regarding the identity or the material circumstances of an individual person, for example the number of visitors of a website.

1.2 Upon the general use of Twindale website without registration, there shall not be any collection, processing or use of personal data.

1.3 Upon the use of services by means of Twindale web pages it may be necessary, for the performance of the appropriate services, the collection, processing and the use of personal data. In such a case, this information shall be transmitted to you. In the case of such services, it is particularly, but not exclusively, about:

1.3.1 Offering and/or information services

Information about the offers and/or updates (for example Newsletter) from Twindale can be transmitted to you for example by e-mail, telephone and/or  SMS/MMS or similar electronic communication channels. In order to provide such services the appropriate personal data shall be collected, processed and used. For customized services, it is necessary, out of principle, to collect, process and use your submitted personal data, in case you decide to use such services.

  1. Cookies

2.1 Cookies are small amounts of data, that are sent by the server to the Internet user’s browser and that are intermediately stored on the motherboard of the computer in question. In case the appropriate server is accessed again, the browser sends the previously received cookie back to the server. You may decline such cookies by changing the settings in your browser. This has no effect on the use of Twindale offers.

  1. Subsequent Transmission of Data

3.1 Out of principle, Twindale shall not forward your data except for the following cases

3.1.1    Twindale has your explicit consent in this respect.

3.1.2 Twindale is legally obliged to provide this information.

  1. Revocation

4.1 In case you want to revoke your agreement on the collection, processing and use of your personal data, please inform Twindale about this at the address: [email protected]. In such case Twindale shall immediately delete  your data.

4.2 If you no longer wish to receive certain offers and/or information services, please inform Twindale about this at : 0333 212 4631
or use the appropriate service on the Twindale website.

  1. The Right to Information

5.1 Upon request, by sending an e-mail to the address: 0333 212 4631,

Twindale shall inform you as soon as possible in writing, according to the legislation in force, if and which of your personal data are saved in Twindale.

5.2  If, in spite of the efforts of Twindale regarding the data accuracy and acuity, the saved information is incorrect, Twindale shall seek to correct it upon request.

  1. Changing the Information on Data Protection

6.1 Twindale reserves its right to change these provisions regarding the data protection within the legal framework. In order to use Twindale websites and their offers, there are always available provisions regarding the data protection that can be accessed  upon your visit on the website.

6.2 To the extent that you have submitted your personal data in order to use the Twindale services, Twindale shall inform you about the changed conditions in an appropriate manner, particularly by e-mail, within four (4) weeks after their entry into force. In case you do not object within four weeks after having been informed about these changes, then the changes on the General Conditions regarding the data protection are deemed to have been accepted. Twindale shall separately draw your attention on the information regarding this four weeks period.